Verification stage randomly failing.


When I flash my image to my Sandisk SD cards I have noticed the verification stage will just randomly fail and I have to reflash the sd card again. I have noticed if I catch this stage in time and skip it the sd cards are 100% fine. It’s like the verification stage can stop the image from working.

There used to be an option to not verify which was useful to me.

I am now using the etcher pro but having to watch it like a hawk to quickly skip verification or those cards will not boot (but if I skip they are all fine)

Does a failed verification just delete the contents of the sd? Or alter it in anyway?

Can we have the setting option to NOT verify again?


Little update

I have flashed quite a few more sd cards with a average success rate of about 90% on the verification stage, is a bit weird why some randomly fail then pass next time.

I am using OEM SanDisk Industrial MicroSD Class 4
UHS-1 8GB ( SDSDQAB-008G ) cards.