Unable to boot Variscite DART-6UL from SD Card

I’m trying to boot a Variscite DART-6UL mounted on a custom board. The boot process does not start.

I am able to boot and flash fine with a non-Balena image from the same SD card.

I’ve tried downloading the image for the machine and have also built from scratch (https://github.com/balena-os/resin-imx6ul-var-dart). In both cases, I get no output at all on the serial port.

Any tips would be much appreciated.

hey @joeyates, can you tell us a bit about the custom board that you are mounting on? What does it do, how does it relate to the system?

What’s the non-Balena image you are flashing onto it?

In the image you flash, do you use development, or production? Would recommend using the development image, that should have logs if it can.

If no boot and no logs with the development image, then it might be the issue that working with that custom board is not yet supported, but that’s a hunch, pending more info.

Hi @imrehg,

Thanks for the reply.

The board is used to connect up to hardware such as LEDs and motors, which are controlled via GPIO calls from the firmware on the Variscite.

The image that boots up from the SD card is a custom Yocto build based on Poky and includes meta-qt5 plus our custom GPIO management code.

I have tried using the development image, but it shows no output over the serial connection. Nor does the image that I build locally.

In the meantime, I’m starting an adaptation of the custom Yocto build to include Balena, but I’d be much happier using the standard image!

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, can you share with us the other image that you can boot on your hardware?
Also, can you share a close-up photo of the hardware so we can take a look at the pcb revisions please?

Hi, thanks for getting back to me.

In the meantime, we’ve been able to boot from another Variscite board (same revision), so it may be that we were having problems relating to a specific piece of hardware.

When we’ve got some clarity on the problem I’ll update this thread.