Variscite SOM 6UL Concerto Board Support

Hello, I am currently trying to get Balena up and running on a Variscite 6UL. It’s not the officially supported Dart, it’s the SoM version.

I currently have the Concerto dev kit ( with the 6UL SoM.

The default Variscite 6UL Dart Balena image (downloaded from the dashboard) will boot to the Balena splash screen, and will show up in the dashboard when connected to ethernet, but it will never fully provision (i.e I cant, for example, ssh into a container)

I noticed there were some devicetree files related to the concerto in the flash-boot partition of the SD card, is there some setup I have to do to use these specifically?


From your use case, it seems you would need to build a custom os support for this SOM+carrier board.

You can refer to our guide. It does require some advanced knowledge such as the yocto build system.

hope this is helpful


Hello @jordanhardy1 ,

Besides building the custom image, it would be a good idea to confirm that you went through the whole process. The Variscite 6UL is a flasher type of image. This means that the image on the SD card boots the device and flashes the final image into the onboard storage.
When the flashing process finishes, you need to power down the device, remove the SD card with the flasher image and then power it on again.

The flasher image will show up in the dashboard but without any containers, which seems similar to the issue you described. Could you verify that you went through the whole process I describe above?