Using RAK2287 directly

From what I understand I an insert the RAK2287 directly into the fin, correct? I don’t need their Pi hat for that?

Hello @mar welcome to the balena forums!

Actually the mpcie from the fin accepts USB boards and not SPI. Check if your RAK2287 is SPI or USB. If it’s SPI you will need to use the Pi Hat.

Let me know if you have more questions!

Oh, right, missed it - even though it is clearly stated on the shop page:

Mini PCI Express subset socket (USB, UART and I2C with nano-SIM card reader)

As for your statement

Check if your RAK2287 is SPI or USB

To my knowledge the RAK2287 is not available with USB, only SPI.

However, the older RAK2247 is available with USB. Despite being older and not offering GPS it is more expensive then the 2287.


As my colleague mentioned, in this case you would need the Pi HAT to make the RAK2287 work with balenaFin. Let us know if we can help with any other questions you might have.

Ok, I stand to be corrected. It would have to be “…is not available anymore” (at the least CY model isn’t). What a pity. Just makes build a gateway based on the balenaFin $30 more expensive due to the required Pi hat. I guess there was either way too much or too little demand for the USB version :slight_smile: