Using Balena on Server Computer like System (Bare-metal server or ubuntu server)

Hello Everyone,

Balena makes me illuminated. I have many many ideas.
One of them is that: Can i use balena on normal pc (server pc) (intel x86_64 arch). Is there any pre-built balenaOS Image.

The other one is that: Can i use balena on ubuntu server.
Main purpose is that: making ubuntu/bare-metal server a balena client.
in this way, i can directly deploy our app into the ubuntu/bare-metal server. Because it’s a balena client.

If those are possible, in that case, i can use open balena for private cloud, right?

Many Many Thanks,
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Hi, welcome to the forums. We have a “Generic x86_64” device type which images are fit to run on a server PC. We actually use this internally for our own infrastructure.
The best way to run balena on a Ubuntu server as you describe is probably to run balenaOS in a docker container with GitHub - balena-os/balenaos-in-container: Run balenaOS as a docker container.
And yes, you can use openBalena to run your own private cloud.