BalenaOS on a custom built server?

I want to use Balena OS on a custom built server, with the following hardware:
How would I go about doing this? I’m fairly new to the whole architecture thing, and could use some help.

That looks like a gaming PC. I’m not sure why you’d want balenaOS on it. We have a post on our blog about provisioning a server with balenaOS but the experience is not exactly like installing a consumer OS, and even if you managed to install it, I don’t think that GPU or most of that hardware would work. From a brief search I couldn’t find that post, but I’ve asked the team for pointers and I’ll let you know if I find it.

After some extra research, I found our use case of Fold for Covid where the users could provision the balenaOS on a laptop. If you scroll to the “Get Started” section you can find a list of Laptops or Desktop Computers one could provision.
As my colleague mentioned above, it’d be really useful to understand what you are trying to achieve.