Using Balena cloud image and then What happned ?

Waited very continuously, did not enter the system…
How to solve it ?

Hey Shibo, what guide are you following?

Hey, how are you connecting it to the internet? via ethernet? since Jetson nano doesn’t have WiFi on board!

yes ,i know .
but,I used a wifi receive devices.

Hey, we don’t support all the WiFi dongles and it won’t be possible to add drivers for it on BalenaOs. The first step would be to see if we are actually connected to the internet, I can see that you have connected an ethernet cable, so you should be able to see the device on balena-cloud-dashboard. Also you will only be able to see an image on the screen, but you can interact with the Jetson via balena-cli or directly via balena-cloud-dashboard.

yes, i can see the device

but, how to solve it ? ref-lash the image of Nano ? or ?

Hey, it looks like the device is connected to the internet so you can see it on dashboard, but the VPN is not connected which is why the device is inactive, this is probably because of some firewall settings on you network is blocking port 443. What we can do to debug this, is to ssh into the device ssh root@<device_IP> -p22222 once inside the device, we can check the status of the vpn service using systemctl status openvpn.service . Networking requirements to run balenaOS

Thanks guys !
I will be testing it .

Hi @Shibo,

Were you able to check the firewall in regard to port 443? Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help from our end.