Please prompt for admin username

Hi! This issue is similar to in Jan 2021:

balenaEtcher assumes the logged in user has administrative rights.

I’ve locked down my machine so this is not the case.

The issue is when balenaEtcher asks for a sudo password, the current user doesn’t have admin rights and sudo has no idea what to do with an admin password if it is entered.

I’ve tried the workaround of using sudo from the command line and it works but it does require moving files readable by the logged in user to a shared location (eg. /Users/Shared)

What would be more ideal is to prompt for both the username and password of an Administrator.

I’m not sure how other apps do this as I understand you are merely passing on a sudo prompt to the GUI.

let me know if you have any questions about my configuration. I happen to be on macOS Monterey on MBP 2015.

Hi @udance4ever,

Thanks for the feedback. I’m taking note of this and we will look how we can integrate this in a future release of Etcher.