USB stick not bootable after successful flash


Hello there,
I’ve been trying to flash Parrot Security OS (v4.3 amd64) on a 16GB USB stick. The iso file is ok (I checked the sha-1 sum), the flashing goes well, but when I try to boot on the USB drive, it is not recognised by the laptop as a bootable drive. It doesn’t works either if I flash a debian image. However, I was able to boot on that drive when I had a Debian installed with Rufus.

I cannot install Parrot Security with an other soft as it is a Hybrid ISO and as far as I know, Etcher is the only soft compatible.

Is there any solutions ?


Hello @r4ph0u,
Which version of Etcher are you using and which OS are you on?


I finally manage to get it to work.
For some reason, Etcher was messing up with this particular stick, but it worked fine with another one. The previous stick works fine though with Rufus or Win32DiskImager…

I was using the last version of Etcher, on windows 10 x64