USB Boot drive created by Balene Etcher won’t boot Macbook


I am using Ventura 13.0.1, on a 2015 MacBook Pro.

I created a USB flash installer using Balene Etcher, to make an USB flash drive for clonezilla-live-3.0.3-22-amd64.iso.

But, when I reboot, holding down the Option key, then selecting ISO, then click on the installer, what results is a blank screen.

No matter how long I wait, the installation never appears. Just the blank screen.

I also used Balene Etcher, to make an USB flash drive for Rescuezilla-2.4.1-64bit.jammy.iso.

But there is the same problrm with that: the installation never appears.

Anyone have any suggestions how to overcome thieproblem?


Kind regards,


Hi, can you share more info on how you created the USB flash installer. Etcher only copies files to drives so most likely the image you used is responsible for the error you experience. Check this thread in case it’s helpful: Bootable USB created by Balene Etcher won't boot Macbook but Rufus works