Upstream API server/DB error: Unauthorized

I am making a simple wifi-repeater following this tutorial.

I get to the part where I have to push the code using the balena push command but I get an (Upstream API server/DB error: Unauthorized) followed by a (Not deploying release) error. I am already logged in but I am very new to all of this and have no idea what to do.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

This is the log from the raspberry pi 3b+

wifi-repeater – WiFi repeater: starting…
wifi-repeater Wireless interfaces found: wlan0, wlan1
wifi-repeater Wired interfaces found: eth0
wifi-repeater Creating WiFi AP on wlan0 with SSID “Redacted” and password “Redacted”…
wifi-repeater Ethernet device has no internet. Attempting to use secondary wireless device to connect to WiFi…
wifi-repeater Connecting wlan1 to WiFi with SSID “Redacted” and password “Redacted”
wifi-repeater Warning: Could not detect internet access. Bad WiFi credentials provided or WiFi network has no internet access…

But the SSID shows up on my phone when I search for access points and it lets me connect and surf the web and everything. So I am not sure what happened or is happening. I would still like some help with an explanation please!

Hi @evry1sfavritnrd,

Great to see you trying out wifi-repeater; and sorry to hear some of the issues you are running into. Can you help clarify what is the current state?

I see that you had initially some issues with balena push, but the second message shows wifi-repeater logs - so I assume now the service is running but not connecting as expected. Is that right? Also, you mentioned your phone connects to WiFi is that separate WiFi network or the one created via WiFi Repeater service?


Hi @nitish

I have this error when pushing the code.

balena push error

But I have logs from the device and I am able to connect to the repeater with my phone and have internet access. It seems like it is working fine even though I got this error. At this point I just wanted an explanation of what this error means for future reference.

Thanks in advance!


Agreed that it’s always better to understand what errors are telling us, in case it gives info about an actual problem we run into down the road or it’s something resolvable!

In this case, I’m wondering if your session ID has expired… the balena push command is part of our CLI, which is making calls to our API. In order to use those capabilities, you have to authenticate. If you create an API Key, it doesn’t expire, but a Session ID does - you can read more about both of those here.

I would say it’s worth at least looking into and seeing which you have setup in this case. If it was a Session ID, it may be that you pushed the code while the ID was still valid, thus the application was installed and is running, but now you’re unable to do so because the ID has since expired. That doesn’t explain why you got the API error to begin with, unless between that time and your Update you enabled a Session ID?

Anyway, let us know if you think that’s the case. If not, we can keep digging in with you to see if we can pin down at which point authentication is failing!

Thanks for maintaining curiosity about this piece. :slight_smile:
~ Kenna

I have the same issue and I am logged in and I used the API key too for authentication. I pushed another service and works fine, I see the issue only with wifi-repeater only.

Hello, can you please try to refresh the session token using balena login, before trying to push again.