update only changed service

Since I can’t run multiple fleets on one device, I’m forced to keep all the services within one fleet. If I make a change to any service, I can only push the whole fleet, and that means all my twenty services will be restarted. It’s very inconvenient to have to restart the whole server because of a change in one service.

Thanks for the feedback @savarez - I’ve asked our team about this one because I don’t know the full details behind it. I do wonder if being able to update a single service on a device within a fleet would also solve the issue, interested to hear what you think?

Hi @savarez, could you tell us more about your docker-compose configuration and deployment workflow? If a single service changes, the device supervisor will only download and restart that service and it will only rename the rest of the service containers to reflect the running release. The only way the rest of the services will get restarted is if you are changing additional configurations (e.g. environment variables) per release.

If you can let us know more about your setup we may help you figure out why unchanged services are being restarted.