deploy 2 docker-compose.yml without replacing them

Hello everyone,
A few days ago, I started using openbalena, I had seen it a long time ago, but now I see that it is very useful and I am really liking it. I have some questions yes and I would like you to help me clarify.

  1. I changed the environment variables, the access_key, secret_access_key and the aws region to those of my account, and when I restarted the dockers, the deployment failed. Is it normal for that to happen? The solution was to delete the docker s3 volume, also returning to the original values

  2. Is it possible for a device to belong to 2 fleets? What happens is that in my case I run different projects/backends related in some way to each other, on the same device, for example Raspberry Pi, so my ideal would be to be able to separate each project into fleets, even if a device has to belong to 2 or more fleets. .

  3. Related to the previous question, if it is not possible and a device can only belong to 1 fleet, can I deploy multiple docker-compose.yml? I ask this because it happened to me that I deploy 1 docker-compose for example with 5 services, then deploy another docker-compose.yml with 3 services, and the result is that the 3 of the second and the first 5 remain running It is eliminated. Or is the only way in my case to have in 1 single docker-compose the services of all the projects that I want to run on the devices?

  4. I’m from Chile, is there anyone in the community who speaks Spanish that I can talk to more directly?