servicers order after update

After pushing code to an application, if only 1 service is being update, its the only one who goes down and being restarted.
i would like that even after update, the services will start in the order they start after reset ( i’m using docker compose with depends on).
after reset it works fine and every service is waiting for the other one.

is that possible?

Hey there! Thanks for raising this up. We have a custom implementation of the Docker Compose, that might not understand the depends on keyword very well. Do you mind sharing the docker-compose.yml file with us?

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Hi, i’ve sent you in private the compose file, any chance to take a look?


Hi, can you please send it to me?

Hi, to me that looks like a normal behavior. According to the Docker guidelines on handling resiliency it looks like so:

Can you please provide more information about the use case you have? Is it similar to the one described in the document above with the database connection?

If a service is restarted manually from the dashboard, it may end up in the same situation I guess. Or you are talking about a different issue?


Hi there @mellerdaniel,

I’d like to hear more about the use case you have that requires this type of behavior. Please let us know if you can!

Hi @xginn8 ,
so we have few HW services that handle all the HW on the device.
and 1 main HW service that handles the logic (we separated logic and actual connection to HW).
once there was an update, i need to services that are handling the actual HW to start first.
Maybe off topic , but the services that are running Node are starting far slower than the services that are running python, also their build is slower, maybe i’m missing something - and thats the reason also it causes us issues.

Hi Daniel, thank you for getting back to us. This product feedback is very very valuable and has been communicated back to the team. :muscle: