Unable to update ResinOS

Unable to update BalenaOS on some old devices. What am I doing wrong?

root@6784624:/mnt/data/resinhup# cat upgrade-2.x.sh.20191211_231256.log 
================upgrade-2.x.sh HEADER START====================
Wed Dec 11 23:12:56 UTC 2019
[000000000][LOG]Normalized target version: 2.43.0+rev1
[000000011][LOG]Target version supports hostapps, no device type support check required.
[000000011][LOG]Loading info from config.json
[000000011][LOG]Loading info from device-type.json
[000000011][LOG]Device type check: OK
[000000011][LOG]Target OS version "2.43.0+rev1" OK.
[000000011][LOG]VARIANT_ID: prod
[000000011][LOG]Host OS version "2.12.6+rev1" OK.
[000000011][LOG]Checking for manifest of registry.hub.docker.com/resin/resinos:2.43.0_rev1-raspberrypi3
[000001726][ERROR]Cannot find manifest, target image might not exist. Bailing out...

How have you triggered the upgrade process? Typically the upgrade script is fetched from our website and should have the namespace changes (resin->balena). We no longer push images to the resin namespace.