Image update error

It seems that my balena image update failed, but current release id is updated.
So, from the outside It looks like it has been updated

I have 2 containers in balena.
After updated release version of the device, one container ran successfully, but one container couldn’t run.
And I got a such error from resin-supervisor.

Oct 30 08:27:38 DEVICE_NAME systemd[1]: Started Resin supervisor.
Oct 30 08:27:38 DEVICE_NAME resin-supervisor[3291]: Template parsing error: template: :1:8: executing "" at <.State.Health.Status>: map has no entry for key "Health"
Oct 30 08:27:39 DEVICE_NAME resin-supervisor[3291]: Container config has not changed
Oct 30 08:27:39 DEVICE_NAME resin-supervisor[3291]: time="2019-10-30T08:27:39Z" level=error msg="error waiting for container: context canceled"
Oct 30 08:27:39 DEVICE_NAME resin-supervisor[3291]: Error response from daemon: container is marked for removal and cannot be started

And I checked under /mnt/data/docker/image/aufs/imagedb/content/sha256, I found one image file a lot different from a image file the same release version which working well.

My Balena environment

# HOST OS / supervisor version
balenaOS 2.32.0+rev1 / 9.14.0

# Type
Raspberry Pi 3

Why this happens?
When I got this problem, Do I have to delete /var/lib/balena and update resin supervisor?

Hi @sankyo-toshio ,

This looks to be an issue with the update, and should not be occurring. If you could share the dashboard URL or UUID of the device and grant support access, we can have a look at this issue for you.

Best regards,


Hi, @hedss
Sorry, I already deleted /var/lib/balena and update resin supervisor, and now both of 2 containers are working well now.
If this problem occurs again, please help me.