Unable to flash Balena image to Balena Fin


I’ve been developing with the Balena Fin v1.1 for a while with no issues. However today I am unable to flash a Balena development image to the Fin due to what seems like an eMMC storage issue.

As usual I connected the Fin to my Macbook using the provided USb cable, opened up Balena Etcher, selected my image and then went to select the ‘target’.

All seemed fine up to now, the eMMc storage is initialised by Balena etcher, but then all I

get is the Compute Module showing up as a target - /dev/disk2 - 32.1 MB which is off course too small. I’e never had this problem before, any ideas what I can do?

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Hello Mark, I haven’t been able to find any similar issue, I forwarded this to the Fin team to have a look. I will get back to you as soon as I get an update from them.

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I should add that the reason I went to re image this Fin was because I couldn’t see it on my dashboard, and it wasn’t connecting to the network. Seems like it just stopped working after a power cycle.

One of our Balena’s in use has the same problem momentarily.

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Hello @niels.serpenti welcome to our forums!

Just to confirm, you pulled the unit from the field and then you found that it only reports 32.1MB. I’m asking this because you mentioned that your balenaFin is “in use”, but this issue would prevent the unit from working at all.

Let us know so we can tell you how to proceed. If we confirm that your unit is reporting 32.1MB storage, we’ll need to proceed with a return (RMA)


Well, we were still flashing and enrolling all of our Balenas and this one worked when suddenly it wasn’t working anymore because of this issue.

Hello Niels,

We’d like to take a look at the unit, so we’ll reach out to you in private to process an RMA.


I returned the Fin under an RMA from Balena sometime ago as requested, but haven’t heard anything back. Just wondering if there’s any update yet. Thanks.

Hey Mark.

Thanks for getting in touch. As a matter of fact, your replacement is scheduled to be shipped today. You should receive a notification with the tracking number in the next 24 hours.

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That’s great, thanks!