Trying to re-flash balenaFin but insufficient memory

Due to a power cut my balenaFin seems to have got a corrupt file system, as it doesn’t boot up properly. I wanted to overwrite the old OS with a fresh copy, but when I set the Fin up for flashing (first plug in USB, then power), Etcher shows “Initialising device” for a while and then says there is insufficient space on the Compute Module - it only shows 32 MB of space, and the device doesn’t show up as a Fin but just as a Compute Module.

@maciej.ldc, I am bringing this issue to the attention of the Fin team for expert advice. Meanwhile:

  • I’ve found this other forum thread that also reports a 32MB storage space following power failure.
    Damaged Fin after power supply failure
    In that thread it seems that the outcome was for the Fin to be returned for investigation and repair, but let’s first see whether the team has any different advice. Are you able to try a different power supply, just to rule out the possibility that the power cut affected the power supply?

  • It also occurs to me to ask what you observe in the LED status panel. The following guide says that if the Fin successfully switches to USB Mass Storage Mode, then there should be “two red (5V and 3V3) and one green (ACT) LEDs illuminated on the LED STATUS panel”.

Just in case, it’s also perhaps worth referring to this troubleshooting section in the Fin’s website, especially the bit regarding the power supply: “If USB1 ON and USB2 ON Status LEDs (mapping 18 & 23) are not turned ON, it is an indicator that the power supply may be insufficient for powering the Fin”

I’ve got confirmation: if the troubleshooting suggestions above don’t help, we can offer to do a full investigation on the Fin and see wether it can be fixed (and what the cost associated is in case it’s not under warranty; note that our warranty doesn’t cover issues caused by power supply failures). In order to do so, we would need the Fin to be returned to our facilities. If this is something you would like us to do, please send us an email to with the order number.

Otherwise, feel free to ask further questions here and we will try to help you as much as we can.

Hi @pdcastro - thank you for the reply.
We will follow up with the Balena team on testing the device.