32GB size issue

I made a backup image of my 32GB raspberry pi FlashCard and am trying to use BalenaEtcher to flash to the BalenaFin 32GB board. I am getting insufficient space, need 742MB required. Any idea? Why is there not the full 32GB available?

The eMMC storage of the Fin is slightly smaller than your SD card, so it doesn’t fit.
Anyway, I don’t think a Fin would work properly booted from a Raspberry Pi image.
You need to get a Fin balenaOS image from the dashboard.

Thank you for the reply. I realize it was smaller, was wondering what is on there that makes it that way. Also, from what i have read:

There are two operating systems officialy supported (1) for the balenaFin, balenaOS and Raspbian (2) . Pre-configured versions of both OS for the balenaFin can be found in the downloads section. Once you downloaded the image of the selected OS, jump into the next section for flashing instructions.

(1): Apart from the officially supported OS, any OS that works on the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ should work on the balenaFin if properly configured (2): If downloading a non pre-configured version of Raspbian, make sure you add the balenaFin config files

The eMMC probably has some reserved blocks for replacing potential bad blocks in the future.
I believe Fins use SanDisk eMMCs.
In this pdf https://www.sandisk.com/content/dam/sandisk-main/en_us/assets/resources/product-briefs/iNAND-7250-Industrial-PB.pdf I can read 1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes. Actual user capacity less.

What did you have on the SD card, Raspbian or balenaOS ? For balenaOS, I’d suggest getting a Fin image from the dashboard or balena OS website.
If you absolutely need to use your SD card backup, you could try resizing the partitions on it so it fits on the Fin eMMC.