Unable to download


probably related to name/domain changes.

unable to download balenaOS images needed for openBalena


with error “files.balena-cloud.com redirected you too many times.”


Hi, we are checking this out, and update you when the link is fixed!


I have similar problem,

using https://github.com/balena-io-playground/kernel-module-build

I replaced in build.sh
files_url=‘h t t p s : / / files .resin .io’
files_url=‘h t t p s : / / r e s i n - p r o d u c t ion-img-cloudformation .s3 .amazonaws .com/’
since it is the address I get redirected to when following ’ h t t p s : / / f i l es .resin .io’.
(Sorry for writing links this way, but new users can put only 2 links in their post)

The script subsequently fails to download


Indeed, it was due to bad configuration and this issue has now been resolved. Thanks for the report!