image fails to download 404 no such image

I have an OpenBalena server running on ec2 and configured to store the registry files on S3
i am receiving this error almost every time a new device joins an application and tries to download the current version of the app.

Failed to download image ‘’ due to '(HTTP code 404) no such image - no such image

But the image exists on the registry

The problem solves once I re-deploy the application, is this a normal behavior?
im using BalenaOS 2.46.1+rev1_prod for raspberrypi 3

How are you verifying that the image exists in the registry?

on the S3 bucket im going through the files
@dt-rush do you know how can i do it using the api?

You might also get 404 if the device doesn’t have access to the image. I would assume the bucket is private? How are you setting the credentials/access token for the device to pull the image from the registry?

hi @sradevski. The weird thing is that sometimes it works just fine… so theres no permissions issues.

Is the bucket private? If so, how do you set the credentials? It’s just an assumption, but there might be a race condition between setting the environment variables and pulling the image, so any additional information would help.

yes the bucket is private. I just created a secret/access key that im passing to this env variables on OpenBalena


If you could enable support access and share the uuid of a device that failed to fetch the image I will have a look for the possible cause for it.

My bad, I forgot this is about openBalena, so you cannot give me support access :). Can you look at the device logs and see what you can find out around the time when the device failed to fetch the image?

It seems like i deployed a new release faster than the devices downloading the last one, after waiting some time the updates are working as expected.

Glad it was resolved :slight_smile: