Image download URL

We have integrated our openbalena instance with our custom OS build process such that new OS builds are pushed to S3, versioned using the auto-incrementing semver functionality (nice touch balena team!), tagged etc. All new OS builds now show up when I run balena os versions <device type> - however, when I try to download them using balena os download <device type> --version <semver string> -o ./balena.img I get the following:

No such version for the device type

And when I look at the open-balena-api logs from this event, everything runs fine right up until the download part, when it fails on this URL:

Oct 31 16:33:37 openbalena-api-7956b4b45f-dzstq api[1242]: 2023-10-31T16:33:37.254Z a/4 GET /download?deviceType=<device type>&version=<semver string> 404 13.306ms balena-sdk/19.0.1

I don’t see the /download path mapped anywhere in open-balena-api - is it safe to assume that we need to redirect that path away from the open-balena-api container to another container that can serve up the image files from our S3 server? Seems it would be a pretty simple thing, basically take the device type and semver string and grab the image file from S3 (which path would be known once you have these two items).