Etcher fails to flash 16GB Fin



I’ve previously successfully flashed the Fin 8GB model easily, however the 16GB I received yesterday seems to be having trouble. I’ve tried two different devices and get the same result with both.

Any thoughts?


I re-downloaded a production version of the image and it flashed correctly. However I also changed the cable and power supply. I’ll try again with a development image and report back with my results.


Hi @clong,

it’s good to hear that you solved the problem. May I ask, the replaced power supply unit (PSU) / USB cable, it comes from the Fin Developer Kit or you bought it elsewhere?



Turns out it’s not to do with my power supply - a 12V 1A supply tested with other equipment. It was the development image vs production image that wouldn’t verify. Are there any known differences that would result in the development image not verifying?