Trouble pushing container

I’m having trouble pushing a container to my raspberry pi 3. I managed to connect the pi to the wifi (WPA Enterprise) and to ping it from my personal computer. However, it doesn’t show up on the balena dashboard or when I run a local scan from my computer.

I am following the steps from the getting started page. Any help would be welcome.


To help with the investigation, could you share the version of the CLI (balena version command) and the version of balenaOS that was flashed to the SD card? Also, was it a development or production image? (I think that the push-to-device is only expected to work with development images.)

Also, if you’re using balenaCloud, there is an alternative set of getting started instructions that you may find helpful, on this other page:

I have the 10.16.0 CLI version and the BalenaOS 2.36.0+rev2 development version on the SD card. I’ll check out the other page. Thank you.

Also, double check the local mode requirements, in particular the fact that “Local mode must be enabled through the dashboard”:

I’m not getting that option in my dashboard, possibly because my device doesn’t show up yet.

Hmm if you did not get a chance to set the device to local mode via the web dashboard, then I think that “push <ipAddress” is guaranteed to fail in the way you have reported – I have just tested it here to confirm!
So, are you saying that the device never shows up online on the dashboard? That might be a provisioning issue, for example the settings in the config.json file. Are the troubleshooting LEDs helpful? -

Yeah I didn’t get the device in the dashboard. I currently only have this in my config.json file:
Am I missing something?

The LED isn’t really blinking in any of those patterns.

Hi @sabtt and welcome to the forums.

Is it possible that you’re installing the standalone version of balenaOS, which doesn’t connect to the dashboard by default? Instead of downloading the OS from the balenaOS website, go into your dashboard, add an application and then add a device to that application. When you go to add a device, the dashboard will give you a balenaOS image download that is configured to join that application on balenaCloud. You’ll then see the device in the dashboard and be able to use local mode or push your application with balena push <appName>.

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Thanks! That solved it!