Touchscreen Driver

i need to install a touchscreen driver for an application running on raspberrypi 3.
Ive tried (unsuccessfull) to install it inside a container but systemd is missing. Before trying several things i just wanted to asked if someone have done this before.
Driver is the Faytech resistive touch driver:
Faytech AG
Thanks for your help!

Hi Henrik, I am not familiar with that particular device, but we do have some documentation and a sample repo for setting up systemd. First, here is some details in our Docs: Balena base images - Balena Documentation

Second, our Masterclass has some additional exercises as well: Balena Services Masterclass - Balena Documentation

And finally, here is a sample repo that has an implementation that you can build upon: GitHub - balena-io-examples/balenalib-systemd-example: Example project using systemd with balenalib images

Hope that helps!

Thanks for your help @dtischler !
Today ive found this topic which helped me a lot.