Setting up a display

I need to load and install on the device some driver to get the touch screen operational. As per this Video

I noted I cannot make new folders in the OS partition. How do I proceed with this? Is it possible to install and run drivers/setup app on the device with the Balena OS installed?

Thanks for helping.

Hi there Felice,

The video shows a HDMI waveshare screen - is this one you are using?

If so, you shouldn’t need any additional drivers installed to get the display to work, but you may need to configure the touchscreen. Have you added the device to a balenaCloud application and pushed some code which tries to use the display?


Hello Felice,

Just pinging on this. Do you still need assistance? In the last conversation Phil was asking if you had pushed code to the device which uses the display?

Thank you for asking. I have temporarily put this on hold.