Home Assistant and LCD touch screen

Hello all,

I’m using Home Assistant found on hub.balena.io (version by github.com/abdulisik).
It works pretty well on RPI4 8gig.
I have an LCD touchscreen on that RPI directly connected to the GPIO pins and I would like to use it.
The seller of the touch screen give me this info:
" just git : GitHub - goodtft/LCD-show: 2.4" 2.8"3.2" 3.5" 5.0" 7.0" TFT LCD driver for the Raspberry PI 3B+/A/A+/B/B+/PI2/ PI3/ZERO/ZERO W and then run LCD35-show".

It works pretty well using a “normal” Desktop Raspbian image, but when using balena with 3 containers, i’m stuck!
I suppose, after googling a bit, that I have to use Environment variable, and put some code into my docker home Assistant!? It would be nice to have Hass on that screen, but How?
I did some tests with different methods but without any result. Screen was left blank.



Hey there @nozriv, welcome to the forums!

Have you taken a look at the browser block? GitHub - balenablocks/browser: A drop-in web browser block

This will mean forking the repo from abdulisik and making some changes to the docker-compose.yml file. Then you could set the browser to point at your HA landing page. I’m not so sure about touchscreen features though, I don’t think we have a component for that yet as all screens behave differently.

Hey, @nozriv, just wanted to ping on this. Were you able to get it working using Kyle’s suggestion?