Terminal/SSH huge delay

I’ve just deployed the first node with Resin and all went great. (Raspi 3 + custom java app) Unfortunately, both the terminal on the website and resin-cli ssh have a ~1s delay between typing and response which is really inconvenient.

What could be causing this?
Is it possible to ssh directly into the application, and if so, how would we go about it? I saw read that we can forward the ports via iptables, but I’m not sure where this would be done.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The lag that you are experince is most probably due to the fact that ssh is routed through our proxy which makes it somewhat slow. Resin-cli is already slow as it has huge node dependencies. Not a whole lot you can do about these two problems.
There is a way to connect to your device locally, but you would a need a different setup. For security reason we do not allow this to happend in a production environment, in order to protect your device from people on the same network as it. A very nicely written document about how to connect locally can be found here: https://docs.resin.io/development/local-mode