Temperature sensor

I’m trying to read temperature and humidity using Dracal sensor, I managed to install the SDK after headache with libraries and dependencies, I’m using the balena Fin with RP cm3+ rev 1.0, after everything was installed successfully I can’t read the data, it shows an error that no device is found however I can see the USB sensor is connected using $ usb-devices, any idea what to do? I can’t find any related topics over the internet, and is there a reliable sensor that tested to be work with balenaFin?

Hi there, I am not familiar with the Dracal sensors, but if you are attempting to read temperature and humidity you could perhaps have a look at balenaSense (https://github.com/balenalabs/balena-sense) , which I currently have working on a Fin. It is ready made for several popular HATs and sensors, and comes with a Grafana dashboard preconfigured as well. Hope that helps, thanks.