DS18B20 based temperature sensor

Hi, I’m moving to Balena Fin frpm Raspberry PI3 and I’d like to know if I can use my external temperature sensor, based on chip DS18B20 on Balena Fin.
Physical connection on Raspberry is on 3.3V, Ground and GPIO pin 7 (BCM4 - GPCLK0)
Library is w1thermsensor.

What is Equivalent FIN pin?
Shall the librery work?
Thanks a lot

Hi @afienga,

The balenaFin uses the same pinout as the Raspberry Pi 3. You can can you the same 40 pin GPIO header with the same pins on the balenaFin. It will work exactly the same as the Raspberry Pi 3!

If you want to checkout the data sheet, you can find it here within the datasheets.

Let me know if this has solved your question :slight_smile: