tails 4.28 and balena etcher

good day I have always used tails 4.16 without problems, yesterday I downloaded the latest version of tails but it does not work, I followed all the instructions, when I press f12 at startup and choose boot usb I see an inscription of this type: set second stage() failed: invalid parameter something has gone seriously wrong: shim_init()failed:invalid parameter,

Hi @carlos87 Can I check if you are still experiencing this problem? I tried just not flashing tails 4.28 using etcher and it seemed to be working, I downloaded it from this page: Tails - Download and verify (for DVDs and virtual machines) - are you downloading a different image?

yes I checked tails, the problem and that on the notebook that I have always used tails 4.16 worked but now with tails 4.28 does not work, the notebook and new

Hi @carlos87, I was able to boot Tails 4.28 using etcher 1.7.1 both downloaded from the Tails documentation.

My pc runs opensuse with grub, your mileage may vary.

After inserting the flashed USB and powering up the device, grub would say press t to enter grub for selecting what to boot.
That is not what you are looking for, the USB won’t show up there.

In my case legacy boot was not enabled in bios. It had to be enabled to reach the Tails USB during boot.
For that enter bios (for me that is pressing F10 during startup) and in the bios go to boot config tab select legacy → enable.
BIOS may warn you this could make your pc unable to boot at all.

In my case my pc can boot the same way as before, still showing me the same grub and the press t option.
BEFORE that screen there is a message press esc to display all boot options or press esc to pause startup.
Entering that, there is an option, for me F9, Boot device options. Pressing F9 without esc directly takes you there too.
(Different computers have differnet keys dedicated to it f9 f12 del etc.)
There you should have USB Drive as a boot device option if you have legacy boot enabled.

I hope this helps!

thanks for your attention, I tried but in the BIOS of my notebook there is no legacy entry. What and grub? What is it for?

Hi @carlos87,

I think Lizzie was just sharing the OS she was testing on (which was openSuse).

Are you running Windows on your laptop by chance? We had a few other users stating they couldn’t boot a Tails image after flashing with Etcher and they seem to have gotten it working with some configuration settings in Windows: https://forums.balena.io/t/ive-tried-flashing-tails-onto-4-usbs-and-i-am-getting-flash-failed/

Let us know if that works for you also or if you’re using a different OS.

I use windows 10, but the problem is not etcher because I tried tails 4.28 on another notebook always with windows and it works, the problem and that tails does not work on my notebook.

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Hi @carlos87 since you have used etcher on another machine and think it might be Tails causing the issue on your notebook I took a look at the Tails forums and found this page which details all the known issues with Tails on different computers: Tails - Known issues

Hopefully you can recognise your computer listed there, I suggest creating a topic on the Tails forums or opening an issue to let them know their OS isn’t running on your notebook?

the problem is that my notebook does not have UEFI LEGACY, I tried to contact many times tails but no one gives me assistance, there is no forum on tails where to write, so I’m stuck I can no longer use tails

Yes, this is a difficulty with all Linux installations, and it’s hard to fix, because every PC has a different BIOS interface. You maybe have to disable secure boot or enable legacy boot, etc, and they all call it different things. My advice would be to get a different linux distro to see if you can get that working (Ubuntu, for instance). If you can boot Ubuntu, the BIOS probably isn’t your problem, and it’s a problem with the OS itself.

As far as where to go from there, I can’t really say, if Tails doesn’t have a way to report errors, you’ll probably just have to go back to the previous version and wait for a patch.

but no one can tell me how to make GNU work

Hello @carlos87

I’m afraid that we wont be able to support you on very specific issues related to Tails OS. As @zwhitchcox has recommended, you’ll probably just have to go back to the previous version and wait for a patch.