etcher flash issues

i have used etcher many times to install tails os,but every tails i download then success all of them verified,i put my usb in for etcher to flash and every single tails os download when hit flash the tails i downloaded shows up but evey single one says remove when they are all perfectly verified,never had issue of this kind before so basically its impossible to flash tails on etcher as it wont go further than hitting flash as it says remove tails image and thats to many now to say i have tryed,why is this happning when its never happened before,i am useing packard bell laptop working perfectly,got to me now that i have to give up,thinking of installing rufus as this is not working its an etcher issue.Any help appreciated.

Hi @ghost1, I was able to boot Tails 4.28 using etcher 1.7.1 both downloaded from the Tails documentation.

My pc runs opensuse with grub, your mileage may vary.

After inserting the flashed USB and powering up the device, grub would say press t to enter grub for selecting what to boot.
That is not what you are looking for, the USB won’t show up there.

In my case legacy boot was not enabled in bios. It had to be enabled to reach the Tails USB during boot.
For that enter bios (for me that is pressing F10 during startup) and in the bios go to boot config tab select legacy → enable.
BIOS may warn you this could make your pc unable to boot at all.

In my case my pc can boot the same way as before, still showing me the same grub and the press t option.
BEFORE that screen there is a message press esc to display all boot options or press esc to pause startup.
Entering that, there is an option, for me F9, Boot device options. Pressing F9 without esc directly takes you there too.
(Different computers have differnet keys dedicated to it f9 f12 del etc.)
There you should have USB Drive as a boot device option if you have legacy boot enabled.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the reply but i have tried all of that you have mentioned and still says remove the tails i download when i try to hit flash, used tails for years so it’s not that i don’t know what I’m doing.

Thank you for your reply


We’ve let some of our Etcher-focused engineers know. We’ll take a closer look here since this might be affecting many other users trying to flash Tails. Thanks for the patience here.