Support for Nvidia AGX Orin?

Hey, we just got our hands on Nvidia’s newest Xavier device, the AGX Orin.

Does Balena have plans to support this platform, and/or do you think the existing Xavier image might be workable?



Hi @msherman,

We definitely have plans to support it. :slight_smile: We recently purchased the hardware and it’s on its way to the Devices team now so that we can start to bring it up properly with balenaOS. I don’t have a timeline for that just yet, as it will depend a lot on what we see once we get our hands on the device, but it’s really great to hear we’ll have folks ready to give it a try once we’ve completed that effort!

Actually, one correction, I see the hardware is on backorder. :frowning: But we’ll get started on that work as soon as we can get the device in-house.

We can provide remote access to ours, and/or test out some images if that would be helpful.


We really appreciate your offer. I think some hands-on time might be required with the device in this case, but I will ask the Devices folks anyway, in case remote access can be of help in ways I’m not considering. We’ll get back to you soon. :slight_smile:

Hey @the-real-kenna, I could see that your team is working on this over in GitHub (Support for Nvidia AGX Orin?).

Would you be able to share a rough estimate on when you expect to roll this out?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @jayadeep , just wanted to let you know that the AGX Orin is now supported by Balena.

Best regards

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Thank you, @acostach for the update.

Hi @jayadeep,
To update you, the AGX Orin image is now available in production on balenaCloud.