BalenaOS support for NVIDIA Jetson Orin-NX chipset


I wanted to enquire about the support for NVIDIA Jetson Orin-NX chipset, which is slated to be released in Sept 2022. Has this chipset been added to the roadmap? If so, which release should we keep an eye out for?

There’s some documentation around how the NX can be emulated using the AGX devkit, if there’s a dev branch/release that has support for the NX.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Hi @kshitiz,

Thanks for asking about support for the Orin NX! Our intent is to support all of the NVIDIA Jetson DevKits, since that product line is so unique and also a manageable number of SKUs.

That said, we need physical access to these devices to onboard them to balena and getting ahold of hardware, particularly with the supply chain issues lately, has been a bit tricky. For instance, we are wanting to support the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin as well (see another thread here), however the device is heavily backordered at the moment so we can’t obtain one to develop the image on.

If you happen to have a project that allows you early access to the device and you’d be willing to send us one, that could help us onboard it a bit sooner. Otherwise, we will support it as soon as a) we can get our hands on supply and b) the other hardware ahead of it in queue for new device support is completed.

I hope that helps, but please let us know if you have more questions!

Hello @the-real-kenna,

My team and collaborators are very much interested in having balenaOS support for the Orin dev kits and modules. I also happen to be in a position to have access to some Jetson AGX Orin dev kits, and I could ship one to the Balena device team to accelerate support/development.

What would be the next steps?

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Hi @the-real-kenna,

Just wanted to bump this thread to bring it to notice. Have you had a chance to talk to @ts-cfield about getting the dev kits shipped over?

We’re also pushing our contact at NVIDIA to possibly prioritize shipping over some dev kits to you.

Please let me know if you need anything from our end.

Hi all,
We have recently release the Nvidia AGX Orin balenaOS image to production on balenaCloud. You can find the device type on or as an unmanaged image at Run containers on embedded edge devices - balenaOS.

Thank you both for the support and my apologies for not seeing these replies earlier; I’m looking into why I didn’t get a notification. We did recently have a conversation with NVIDIA and will be getting access to their development kit, and we are also working to support a sub-set of needed carrier boards as soon as they are available.

@kshitiz I see you replied to us internally about the carrier you’re interested in using, but @ts-cfield I was hoping you could share with us the vendor you intend to move forward with too? Any information about your timeline for needing support is helpful as well.

You’re welcome to share here in the Forums, or send us a message internally to your Customer Success contact. Just please ask them to share the information with me (Kenna) so that I can prioritize them. :slight_smile:


Our original interest was in support for the Jetson AGX Orin development kit. Thanks to the excellent efforts of the Balena team, we have been able to install balenaOS and our application on the Jetson AGX Orin development kit.

Our next targets are:

  1. Seeed Studio T906 edge computing devices.
  2. ConnectTech Forge Carrier board

We would like to install balenaOS and have support for Balena for both of these hardware targets. We already have two of the T906s and we would appreciate working with Balena and Seeed to add support.

The ConnectTech Forge carrier board has been pre-ordered, and it appears the first batch of the boards are still be manufactured. Thus, supporting this board may have to hold off until the hardware has shipped.