Suggestion for Fin/CM3+ NoSQL database

Hey folks,

Could anyone suggest a good option for an on-device nosql/document store database?

It’s been tough to find one that has a stable/official/up-to-date docker image and is ARMv7 compatible for the Fin/CM3.

Mongo would be my first choice but the raspbian package is EOL (2.4.14) and the other existing docker images are relying on third-party binaries (not ideal) and have associated bugs.
CouchDB has an ARM64 image, but not 32bit.

Thanks for the help,

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Hey there,

Maybe you can try local dynamoDB ?
Note, I haven’t tried it before :confused:

Also, out of curiosity, what features of NoSQL are you mostly after? Maybe an orm+rdbms or time series db like influx or even redis with persistent storage could be useful alternatives?

hope this is helpful

Hey @rahul-thakoor,

Thanks for the response. We’re using redis for state/sensor data and will probably combine it with something like influx in the cloud. But we’re also looking for a general purpose database for structured data queries that supports flexible schema’s as we develop our product.

It appears that these are the only options for ARM(v7?) supported, databases.

It’s interesting that the Fin/CM3+ is stated to be ARMv8/64bit but uname -m returns armv7l. There are a bunch of options for ARM64.

Hi Elliot, a 64-bit OS for the Fin is something we have begun exploring, and have made some progress on, but don’t have a definitive timeline until we make it available. I do see that you found a GitHub Issue for it, thanks for adding your input there.