CM3+/32GB Quesition


Sorry for very noob question…
I just got my BalenaFin 1.1 kit and I need to use Raspbian stretch OS on a CM3+/32GB compute module. What’s happen if I don’t need to use 8GB eMMC on the balenafin board? It’s automatically excluded when CM3+ has it’s own eMMC?



Hi @dobova86 - the balenaFin is only compatible with the CM3L and CM3+/L
We do offer 8,16,32 and 64GB storage size on balenaFin, so if you need 32GB you are covered. Soon the balenaFin v1.1 will be available in all storage sizes and also as standalone unit the same way v1.0 is currently offered on the store



Ok Thank you @curcuz.
I will get a 64Gb board.