Graph Database Suggestions for ARM32v7 aka Balena Fin

Hi, I’m looking for a graph database solution to run on the balena fin. I’ve used Neo4j in the past but cannot seem to find an out of the box docker image for arm32v7. Would appreciate any thoughts from the community on configurations you’ve used to host graph databased locally in your balena project.

As reference, we are currently running a graph locally in memory written in python containing traversable paths/nodes for a mobile robot application using dijkstra shortest path. We would like to expand the nodes and edges with significantly more domain specific attributes and something like Neo4j would be ideal for this as apposed to maintaining our own model.

Hello @alexanderkjones that’s a very interesting question!

Actually I have been checking neo4j, arangoDB, orientDB and cayley and I couldn’t find any docker image running on 32 bits.

Having said that, did you try the mongoDB or Redis graph extension? I think Redis can run on 32v7, check here but not sure the extension will be compatible.

Let us know if that works for you!

@mpous thanks for the recommendation. Do you know of an official/preferred monogdb image for balena running 32v7? I’ve been hesitant to use it given their move to deprecate 32 bit in lieu of 64.

We use redis currently in our application, I’ll take a look at redisgraph as well. I’ve also read postgres may have a good graph extension…

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@alexanderkjones i don’t know any official/preffered MongoDB image. But I will ask!

Let us know if you succeed with this task :slight_smile:

@alexanderkjones did you success finding a graph database compatible for the balenaFin?