Update OS: Device Shuts down

When we update our device Balena OS, the device shuts down instead of rebooting once complete. Should it reboot? or is Shutting down the proper action?



That’s definitely not expected behaviour - devices should automatically reboot when they complete an update cycle. Is this a recurring issue for just this device, or multiple devices in your fleet?

Multiple devices in our fleet. I’ve updated 4 of 19 and all 4 need a manual reboot.
I have not updated anymore of the 19 because it takes some time and coordination to get resources out on site for a manual reboot.

Hi Chris
That’s not the expected behavior. To dig deeper it would be nice if you could give us support access to two devices; one of the already upgraded one and another that you plan to update. We can check the logs on the device that failed to update. To do that you can follow this guide Grant support access - Balena Documentation and then share the devices’ URLs or IDs here so that we can access them


Hello @cmorones15 could you please confirm the step-by-step that you do to perform balenaOS updates. To what version are you trying to update the device?

Could you please confirm that if you reboot manually the device, the balenaOS and the supervisor get properly updated?


hi there,

thankn you for enabling support access on the 2 devices that you shared

however - could you please enable support access on a devive that you did a hostOS update on , and had to manually reboot please -

the offline device that you shared (https://dashboard.balena-cloud.com/devices/98deb98d2e1aff7c3fdc0c2575aac838) we cannot access, as its offline.
I’d like to take a look at a device that was recovered as it may give us more insight into what happened.

Hi Chris, thanks for enabling support access on that device.

Reading the thread above, I understand devices were updated from ESR 2020.04.0to 2022.07.0, and the devices unexpectedly shutdown instead of rebooting on the first boot after the hostOS update.

The hostOS update process ends up with a rebootcommand, so the only way this would finish up in a shutdown would be:

  • Some sort of power supply issues (unlikely as you say it happened on multiple devices)
  • Some BIOS configuration to modify the reboot behaviour - I am personally not aware of this setting on Intel NUCs.

How confident are you that the devices are actually experiencing a shutdown? Was someone physically present so they witnessed the lights on the device actually going off?

The reason I ask is because I tend to think that the device did not shutdown but had another type of startup problem that could be confused by a shutdown by a remote user.

  • Have you been able to reproduce the problem in the lab?
  • Would it be possible for me to turn on persistent logs and see the device you shared above (Dublin) reboot?
  • Would you be able to share a device in 2020.04.0 for me to manually monitor a hostOS update?