Balena Sound Startup

Unable to progress. Have flashed SD card and apparently am online. Downloaded balena CLI and balena sound code(called balena sound master). Don’t understand next instructions " From within the unzipped project directory, execute balena push <appName>" ???

In balena CLI galena push gives ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat

Beginners Help button on Dashboard does not work.

Hi, first of all welcome to balena community :slightly_smiling_face:

From within the unzipped project directory, execute balena push <appName>

This line instructs to execute this command within the project directory. Which operating system are you using?

If you are on Linux or MacOS, running ls should print the contents of the balena sound project (the same files as you see in the github repo). The Windows equivalent command is dir.

If you are not within the project’s directory, you could change directory via the command cd.

So could you run the command balena push <appName> within the balena sound project directory?

Next, what do you mean by Beginners Help button?
A screenshot would help illustrating.

I think you misunderstand how little I know.

Running Mac OS 10.13.6.

Ran ls in Terminal
Applications Dropbox Pictures
Desktop Library Public
Documents Movies W61EC464210A53068F
Downloads Music iCloud Drive (Archive)

Ran cd - nothing

…within project’s directory ???
… same files as GitHub repo ???

What do I actually need to do ???

On the terminal, try typing cd and press the <spacebar>, then using the Finder find the folder of the balena-sound project you downloaded (it’s most likely in your Downloads folder) and drop it onto the terminal window. This should fill in the path of the folder and complete the command. Press <enter> and you’ve now changed into the project directory (cd means “change directory”).

Now type balena push RasPiAudio and watch the project as it’s being built. When done, it’ll automatically be deployed on your device (the “withered-dawn” one). You can follow the progress from the Dashboard.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the support. I really appreciate it. Away from computer for a few days but will try your suggestions when I get back to it.

Thanks again

Added Balena sound. Got the Unicorn. Dashboard shows Release has been added.

Ran sudo balena scan and got “Could not find any balenaOS devices in the local network”

Device not visible on Bluetooth.

What am I missing ?

Clicked on name on dashboard and new screen opened showing Airplay/Bluetooth/Spotify was running.

Bluetooth discoverable and playing properly. Finally working as required.

Thanks for the help for a newbie.