streaming logs to linux problem

Installed cml app again recently on a new laptop and am now getting the following when working in local mode after trying a push/when live push does an update:

Retrying "Streaming logs" after 60s (72 of 1000) due to: Error: No native build was found for platform=linux arch=x64 runtime=node abi=64 uv=1 libc=glibc node=10.21.0
    loaded from: /home/username/.local/bin/ref-napi

I’m running PopOS (debian derivative) 64b obviously
It ‘works’ as in it does manage to push the image, I get feedback as far as I can see the build stages executing and then “Device is setteling” and then “Device settled” but no logs…

Any ideas? Something odd about my node install perhaps? (Can’t imagine what)

Hi @r4space. Could you tell us more about the method you used to install the CLI to your machine? Could you also share the result of running balena version -a and paste the full log output of running the push command when adding the --debug flag? This will help us understand a bit more what the problem might be. Thank you!


balena-cli version “12.51.1”
Node.js version “10.21.0”

Install method:

Downloaded and extracted balena-cli-v12.51.1-linux-x64-standalone to a local dir,
Put the executable in /home/user/.local which is in my path

Run with --debug
Nothing - as in I get dbug messages while building etc but once it’s doing the streaming issue thing, no debug reports

Off course just as I post I solve it:
Was a failed symbolic link (thought I’d linked to it but had somehow copied just the executable)


No problem @r4space! Glad it’s working for you - let us know if you have any further issues :slight_smile: