Local mode won't find bluealsa, and other Debian

I don’t see why the local pushes wouldn’t finish builds on rpi3 when I push balena-sound. I ve made my own script to update live. The cloud :cloud: builds to push and finishes quietly. I want to make changes locally not using the cloud and I can use cross build from my desktop.

Though, when I instance a local push and deploy, like I. E. From script sudo balena push will give [E: error unable to find package bluealsa, raspotify]. I can use cross build which is nice but If the packager fails I cannot push live update locally.
Is that known bug :beetle:?


the installation instructions also contain this line:

sudo apt-get -y install curl apt-transport-https

Maybe that’s necessary too?

Apt-get and apt are the same commands. Is about some missing apt source repository on build time, here you are with raspotify and bluealsa

What robert was trying to suggest is that you might be missing curl and apt-transport-https required by apt

I tried with your advices, but it doesn’t succeed… I’m building to a RPI3 64bits OS application, which is related to issue 19 I’m atry on the raspberrypi3 (armhf)… :wink:

I’m building to a RPI3 64bits OS application

Yes, currently balenaSound is not supported on a 64-bit OS.