Status of Qemu Image



What’s the status on this Qemu image? There are no tags except “latest,” it hasn’t been built for 30 days, and after checking the source on Github I found out it’s based on debian:jessie, but I need debian:stretch for what I’m building. I’m trying to upgrade the Qemu image to debian:stretch in a fork I made on Github.


Hi, can you give us some info how are you using that image?

Looking at our Base Images docs can’t seem to place this one, does not look like one of the officially used and continuously built images.

I think it’s likely that you resin/armv7hf-debian would actually be the same, but maintained version, it does include QEMU, and has Stretch version. (See the source Dockerfile on Github).


Thanks, I found that arm-debian image and have been using it now. I was doing my searches through dockerhub, and the base arm-qemu image is the first to come up, so I thought it must be supported and didn’t think to check the base images docs.


Docker Hub orders things in an interesting way. Glad that you have an image that works for you. What sort of device are you using? Just context, are you using it on or outside of it? (It would help us understand better how are people using those images, and avoid breaking things for use cases that we might not know about yet:)


I have a server that I intend to run on the Intel Nuc and the Raspberry Pi 3.

I have a builder container for the Nuc image, which copies my repo into a Ubuntu:16.04 container and does a C++ & Mono C# build, spitting out a directory that I can then add resin’s git tracking to and git push resin master.

I’m trying to set up the same builder container style for my Raspberry Pi 3 application. Currently messing around with compiling Mono from source in the qemu container as well.