Resin Raspbian vs Resin armv7hf/jessie


what are the differences between this image :
h ttps://

and this one :

It looks like only the first one is available when using the Dockerfile template syntax, are we missing something from resin/rpi-raspbian ?

Hey, here’s our Base Images Docs: which shows the available base images for every platform.

Dockerfile Templates work by replacing the %%RESIN_MACHINE_NAME%% with the relevant variable (raspberry-pi, raspberry-pi2, raspberrypi3,…), so it only works for base images that use that naming convention.

Also, rpi-raspbian is really used only for Pi1/Zero, not for the other Pi boards, should use the -debian images, which are debian with the added raspbian repositories. IMHO, even for P1/Zero should use the -debian image. Just wondering, is there any particular reason that you’d like to use rpi-raspbian instead of raspberry-pi-debian?

Ok, maybe the doc here should be updated or even the image removed then, don’t you think so ?

Personally I have no reason to use rpi-raspbian because I have already read the doc, but a new guy on the project naturally found this image when looking for the basic resin raspbian image and started working on it, so I was wondering what this image was…

I think there’s some confusion in how those base images are used. You don’t have to have templated images, if your base image works across all devices (eg. if a base image is made for armv7hf devices, instead of one specific platform).

The resin/rpi-raspbian image you are linking to is pretty orthogonal to Dockerfile templating, and that image is widely used outside of as well, so definitely won’t be removed. You can use that image if you want to without any templating on a Raspberry Pi 3, for example (as far as I know, just not optimal).

The templating should be pretty clear that it works on the image name level, and only works when deploying on, since it’s custom tooling. Will review the templating docs anyways, to see if we can even further clarify things.

You said " rpi-raspbian is really used only for Pi1/Zero", that’s why I was suggesting to modify the corresponding documentation, not the templated images doc.