Static IP Address Off the internet issues

I am trying to configure a device with a static IP address like I have many times before and it is not working. My device is connected to the internet via WiFI (working fine). The ethernet port is to be connected to a router-less network which is managed by IT individuals manually. We are currently trying to setup the connection via the Network Manager config files in the system-configuration directory.

The thing is that it appears that this solution has stopped working. I have tried using the exact same file from previous successful installs, but they fail to setup eth0 with a static IP address. Has something changed in recent versions of Resin OS that would cause this? Is there any way for you to help with the debugging process? I have attached the old file that we had been using for Static IP configuraiton as well as a few other stabs at the config file.

resin-eth1.log (168 Bytes)
resin-eth2.log (166 Bytes)
resin-eth3.log (166 Bytes)
resin-eth4.log (168 Bytes)

Hi @sam,

With the latest resinOS 2.x, we changed the connection management from Connman to NetworkManager. You can find more details about NetworkManager and how to setup static IP with resinOS 2.x in our docs here

Thanks for getting back. I mis-typed Connman i mean Network Manger. Earlier today I went back to version 2.0.6 Rev 3 and managed to get my configuration files to work fine. I’ll poke around a bit more.

@sam You can use nmcli connection load and then journalctl -u NetworkManager -e to see if NetworkManager encounters any errors when reading your configuraiton file.