Set Ethernet Static IP for Jetson TX2 While Using Wifi for Balena


I have a NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Board running balena. I’d like to use the Wifi interface as the internet facing Balena network interface and set a static IP address for the ethernet interface to talk with some internal statically configured devices.

What is the best way to accomplish this?


Hi @keenanbedrock,

You can set the static IP of the interface by editing a file called resin-wifi located in /system-connections folder in the boot partition (often /mnt/boot/system-connections). Under the [ipv4] entry, change method=auto to something like this:


More details are available here: If you previously set up wifi with DHCP, the resin-wifi file should already exist.


Hey there! Thanks for the response. I actually want to keep the Wifi as DHCP, and set the IP of the ethernet interface as static.


The same instructions apply. The /system-connections directory consists of a set of connection files—one file per connection. The file resin-sample.ignore is a template or example file which you can copy to create new connections. If you added a WiFi connection from the dashboard when you downloaded your image, you should see its configuration file already created for you under the name resin-wifi. You will notice that there is no file for ethernet, this is because NetworkManager will always set up a default ethernet connection. If you want a specific configuration for the ethernet connection you will need to create a new connection file for it. Most of the allowed options for these connection files can be found in the NetworkManager settings reference.


Thanks! Would the naming of the ethernet file be ‘resin-ethernet’ ?

Hi there, yes, you could name the file however you like, though I suggest you use resin-ethernet as it is clear and follows the convention.

Got it! Yeah I just wanted to confirm that the filename doesn’t matter.