Speaker pHAT + SomaFM streaming

The Pimoroni Speaker pHAT is pretty neat little speaker, put it together with SomaFM which is a neat Internet radio, they work really well together! The streams are played by the Raspberry Pi and the channels can be adjusted via environment variables.

For the streams one needs to go playlist-digging from the SomaFM website, but it’s not too bad (might include a list in the README for ease of use)

There’s a video included in this tweet (I thought it will show up in the preview, but it does not):

I know there are a lot of speaker-related projects going on around here, this is not too bad, especially because Pimoroni has pretty good readmes (though for the required dtoverlay values I had to reverse the info into their install script). Good stuff :slight_smile: I might even keep this little thing, it’s squeekish but has some volume :loudspeaker: