Sound differences

Hi there, first of all, what a great product! I just discovered it, but no i am in love! Most annoying is that i don’t have the time and enough raspberry’s to test them al out ;-).

I made the next setup for Balenasound.
Raspberry pi 2 with hifiberry dac - Act as client
Raspberry pi 3 with audio via 3,5 mm jack on stereo set. - Act as server

This setup works, but i facing issues with the loudness of the sound. On the raspberry pi 2 the sound is very loud, So i add a device variable

I have an old tablet that is function as device to which we wanna play. When i connect the tablet (with audio set on the lowest volume) on the bluetooth of the raspberry pi 2 the sound quality is good.

When i connect the tablet on the bluetooth of the raspberry pi 3 (and use multiroom) the sound quality is good on the stereo (i must set the volume high enough) the sound on the pi3 is good enough (but can be adjustable through the stereo), but the sound level on the raspberry pi is enormous and too loud. It looks like it skips the SOUND_VOLUME 25 and plays it on normally level of 100.

How can i set this up that the sound level of direct play or through multiroom is on the same level. Hope to hear from you.

Hi Edgar,

Welcome to the forum. Each device has their own volume levels, balenaSound sets device volumes to 100%. if one of the device is very loud, you can set the SYSTEM_OUTPUT_VOLUME less than 100, to your desired level.