SOUND_DEVICE_NAME works for AirPlay & Spotify but not for Bluetooth

I followed this guide’s one-click deploy of balenaAudio on my Raspberry Pi 4 B. The only issue I have found is when I set SOUND_DEVICE_NAME within the Device Variables tab it applies to AirPlay & Spotify, but not for Bluetooth. Any idea why that is? How can I set Bluetooth to have the same name as AirPlay & Spotify? I’ve attached screenshots of where the setting is set & how it displays in all 3 modes.

Hi @FlyersPh9,

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That issue is a known possible bug in balenaSound right now. There is an open ticket for it here: (, which has a workaround I haven’t tried yet. Check back periodically or subscribe to it for updates.

If you try the workaround, let us know whether it works.


Ahh man, I even did a search before posting, I don’t know how I missed that! Thank you for the link. I tried using BLUETOOTH_DEVICE_NAME and that appears to have worked after a reboot. Thank you so much!

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