Can't rename device for Airplay and Spotify

Hi everyone,

I cant seem to be able to rename my Belenasound device so it shows a different name on the network for Spotify and Airplay…

In the device variables section I have added the variable DEVICE_NAME and set it for all services and gave it a name. After a reboot it still does not change.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks.

@hackrchild - a little while ago now the variable was changed to SOUND_DEVICE_NAME note for it show up on bluetooth the variable BLUETOOTH_DEVICE_NAME will also need to be set, hope this helps!

If you are able to share the documentation you were using we can try and update it too.

Hello, I’m following up. Did SOUND_DEVICE_NAME work for you? Also, if you are able to share the documentation that you were using, we can try to update that for the benefit of future users.