Can’t change the name from my Balena-Sound

yesterday I installed balena-sound on my raspberry Pi 3. It works very well and I also love the cloud integration.
The only problem is that the AirPlay name is a little bit strange. So I wanted to change it.
I made a device environment variable called BLUETOOTH_DEVICE_NAME and it worked: The Bluetooth name is changed. But only the Bluetooth name. The AirPlay name is still the same, strange name.
How can I change the AirPlay name?

And I have a second question: Is it possible to use AirPlay 2 instead of AirPlay 1?

Thank you very much

Hi there,
device name can be changed with the DEVICE_NAME variable, you can have a look here:
With respect to Airplay 2, we are actually using shairport-sync for our AirPlay service. The team behind it is working actively on porting AirPlay 2 into their library, but has not been able to do so just yet. You can follow the porting progress here: